The Warfield House Inn | Charlemont, Massachusetts | Ashley & Mike's Wedding Celebration | September 16, 2017

One thing I can say about Mike and Ashley's wedding day is that I felt like I was part of the FAMILY. I have known Ashley and her family for over 5 years so I guess you could say I am FAMILY.  I loved being a part of such a beautiful and happy day. 

The Warfield House Inn is a gorgeous venue nestled in the hills of Charlemont, Massachusetts. With the breathtaking views of Berkshire East Ski Area and the quaint farm setting it really complimented Ashley and Mike's personalities. When Ashley told me that her grandfather was bringing his 1934 Ford Sedan I knew we needed to incorporate it into the scenic landscape during their bridal portraits. 

So much work, love and patience went into Ashley and Mike's celebration. You could just see how much attention to keeping it simple but also classy went into their day. What an absolutely perfect day filled with Ashley's adorable laughter and smiles at Mike. I am so humbled and deeply honored to share a glimpse into their beautiful and sweet love. 

Happy Honeymoon to you both! Enjoy every minute of your married life! 

Lots of love,




Special Thanks to these awesome vendors:

Venue: The Warfield House Inn

Bridal Makeup: Glow Bridal Studio

Bridal Hair: To Dye For

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero - The Bridal Barn and Tux Shop

Bridesmaids Gowns: Weddington Way/ The Bridal Barn and Tux Shop

Catering: Myers Catering

Florist: Jayne Tauscher

Bakery: Greggory's Pastry Shop

Groom/Groomsen's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Second Photographer: Andrea Lynne Photogrpahy

Valley View Farm | Haydenville, Massachusetts | Jess & Matt's Wedding Celebration | September 15, 2017

Oh where to begin with Jess and Matt's Wedding day celebration....Honestly I am trying to keep my happy and joyful emotions in tact as I write this blog. But I just can't stop swooning over their lovely day.  Jess and Matt celebrated their love on a beautiful farm located in my hometown in Haydenville, Massachusetts last Friday. The weather gave us beautiful skies and that Indian Summer we all love.  

When I first met Jess and Matt a few months ago at their Engagement Session I knew that we were going to be fast friends - not just a photographer and her clients.  They both have such giving hearts and incredible sweetness that I felt like I was one of their best friends. Also - I think what makes Jess and Matt so incredibly special is their love story. I am a total sucker for a beautiful story of how my couples fall in love and theirs is just so awesome. See they both meet over three years ago when they were attendants of their best friends's wedding day. Matt was a groomsmen and Jess a bridesmaid.  As I have gotten to know Jess and Matt - I just giggle when I hear the many versions of who made the first move. The sparks flew. History was made and true love was found!

So much attention to detail went into their wedding day (mostly done by Jess, Matt and their family and friends - DIY Awesomeness) and I loved every single part! Most of all I was absolutely thrilled that the one thing Jess wanted more than anything was to have photos with the gorgeous field of Sunflowers at Valley View Farm. I may have posted a little more than usual because I love them just as much as she does.  I will admit - I could have stayed in that field all day with her and Matt. AND I think their love for each other made the sunflowers even prettier! 

My heart and soul is so bursting with love for these two sweethearts and I am so thrilled to share a glimpse into their wedding day story. Jess and Matt you both have a love like no other and I am so lucky to be a part of your worlds. 



P.S. Kisses to Wyatt (their BFF aka Fur Baby)

Historical Congress Park | Saratoga Springs, NY | Emilie & Sal's Engagement Session | September 4, 2017

I am so incredibly lucky! The beautiful couples and gorgeous locations for engagement sessions lately have been so perfect. This particular session was so dear to my heart since I was born in Saratoga Springs and Congress Park is smack in the middle of this beautiful city! Emilie and Sal brought all of this beautiful dreamy sunshine too. 

As we explored the park I loved getting to know Emilie and Sal. Mostly I admired how Sal looked at Emilie with such sweet love. Seriously he adores her and my heart just melted throughout our session! In addition to them being just so adorable together - they are cat lovers so they immediately won me over. 

Congress Park has so much to offer but more importantly it has a carousel. If you know me....of course we had to make that carousel part of our session. Oh the smile on Sal's face....Just like a little kid. So it took little convincing. All he had to do was look at Emilie with that childish grin and she was game. You are never too OLD to ride a carousel. I highly suggest you do it at least once a year! Also, I will have to admit that I have never rode a carousel while taking photos. Little did I know how motion sickness can set in very quickly but I rallied through it. It was worth it and I will do ANYTHING to make my clients happy! Their smiles and laughter was priceless!

Emilie and Sal - I am over the top excited to be a part of your special day in May 2018! Thank you for being so amazing to photograph and I loved getting to know both of you better! Enjoy a few of my favorites!



P.S. Don't forget - work on that "dip and kiss" for the wedding day :)

Norwich Lake | Huntington, Massachusetts | Mike and Sami's Lakeside Engagement Session | August 22, 2017

I just love when I get to be a part of a really special and sentimental place with my couples. Sami and Mike both met at Norwich Lake one summer day when they were just teenagers. Be still my heart...Summer....Young Love...Its the best! I love hearing their Love Story and especially enjoyed being able to share their love for each other back where they met.

OH! How I am smiling from ear to ear from our adventures that beautiful summer evening. Sami and Mike have this kind of love that you makes you feel loved when you are around them. Seriously its so amazing. We started our session out on a very shaky dock just as the sun was starting to get that soft golden light. My favorite kind. I swear they were mostly laughing at me at this point because the wind was making the dock move and I had very little room to move around without falling in. Hey - anything to make my clients laugh.  What impressed me the most was that these two had their session all planned out. MIke's dad pulled up his boat for us to ride to the Rock in the Lake. This was such a fun idea but especially meaningful as Mike just finished his service with The Air Force over the last 4 years. We even had a beautiful sighting of a bald eagle...SOOO cool...Such an awesome honor to photograph them enjoying the summer sun and their sweet love on that rock.

We finished our session back at the rolling hills of beautiful Huntington. The views were just breathtaking and really was the perfect setting for the rest of Sami and Mike's Engagement Session. After a quick change of outfits  - we enjoyed the remaining streams of sunshine and the fantastic summer night. I especially enjoyed that Mike and Sami are huge New England Patriot fans. I always encourage my couples to wear what they feel comfortable in or that portrays who they are.

As twilight approached us - we wrapped up the session with Mike's Harley and his sweet love Sami. These two were not only full of adventure but embraced every creative moment I wanted to try. I am so excited to be a part of your love and journey Sami and Mike and I am counting the days till your wedding next year. Enjoy a few of my favorites!



SamiMikeEsession 57.jpg

Private Residence | Ellington, Connecticut | Leigh & Dan's Engagement Session | August 20, 2017

I remember meeting Leigh for the first time when she welcomed me to her and Dan's home to chat about wedding photography. She was so energetic, confident and sweet. I knew right away why Dan fell in love with her. They are truly the sweetest together and you will see what I mean in some of my favorites featured in this blog.

On a perfect summer afternoon Leigh and Dan invited me join them on Leigh's father's gorgeous and historical property settled in the farmland of Ellington, Connecticut. OH Gosh...Where to start with HOW MANY amazing features of this property we got to explore with each other. My creative mind was on OVERLOAD....and I had to keep pinching myself and taking big thankful breaths for having this wonderful opportunity with Leigh and Dan.

The summer sun, a classic chevy truck, the historic home and the collection of vintage neon signs developed so many beautiful moments documenting Leigh and Dan's sweet love. Their smiles and interactions with each other were so heartwarming. I wished the session would never end. Enjoy a preview of our summer sun filled afternoon. 

Leigh and Dan I cannot wait for your wedding next May. Thank you so much for being such a blast to work with.





Quabbin Reservoir | Ware, MA | Katina & Jason's Summer Engagement Session | July 9, 2017

Let me start by being very honest....Katina is my official Instagram Stalker. AND I AM SO HAPPY SHE IS!!!! Her and Jason were the first couple to book me from my Instagram Page Posts!!! YES!!! AND then we have this amazing bond from the very first meeting that I knew it was just meant to be! 

We could not have picked a more beautiful summer day to spend exploring the Quabbin Reservoir. Every time I photograph at this location I always find some other beauty to inhale. Katina and Jason brought their "A" game too. From their choices of outfits that were absolutely perfect in each scene, to bringing bubbly (MY FAVORITE) to carrying their foldable adirondack (Jason you are awesome) chairs to the top of Mount Pollux in Amherst.

I really cannot emphasize enough how important an Engagement Session is to have with me. I will be YOUR BFF for a few hours and make you laugh and enjoy being photographed. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other. Katina and I have a lot in common...We love wine! Immediately friends for life :)

As we made our way through "rattlesnake" encounters (yeah no joke) and beautiful evening golden hour sunbeams I watched how deeply Jason cares for Katina.  I loved how devoted he was to please her and make her happy. They are true soul mates and I cannot wait for their September 2018 wedding. Thank you both for being so full of adventures and enjoying the outdoors as much as I do!

Enjoy a few (many) favorites from your session! Can't wait to share a (full) glass of wine with you both!


The Ranch Golf Club | Southwick, MA | Jamie & Chris's Joyful Wedding | July 8, 2017

OH where to start with this beautiful day of Joy and Laughter....Seriously I had a permanent smile on my face from the moment I arrived. Jamie and Chris's wedding day at The Ranch Golf Club was filled with so much LOVE that it was like everyone was one BIG Family! The weather went from sunny bright blue skies to a downpour immediately following their First Look BUT you know what - Jamie and Chris rolled with it. This day was NOT about perfection it was about the LOVE they had for each other and celebrating with their family and friends. 

Jamie and Chris met in high school so this day has been coming for a long time and surrounded by the ones they love they sealed their love story. Every detail of their day was so thoughtfully crafted and little did you know that it was all planned within the last 7 months. I give Jamie and Chris huge kudos for DIY details all the way down to the artificial flowers. 

The Ranch Golf Club has some amazing landscapes and I feel so fortunate to have chased the raindrops with Jamie and Chris and document their sweet love in them. I will forever cherish the laughter I shared with you Jamie and Chris. Best wishes for an awesome honeymoon and hope you enjoy the MANY favorites I have of your beautiful wedding day



Much Appreciation to: Bonnie @ The Ranch Golf Club, Christina Rosario and Kristen Bousquet for being my right hand ladies. 

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero purchased at The Wedding Embassy Watertown, CT

Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Cake/Bakery: Nina's Cookie Cake and Cupcakes

Bancroft's Castle | Gibbet Hill Farm | Groton, Massachusetts | Laura & Brian's Back in Time Engagement Session | June 25, 2017

Early morning engagement session at a Castle! UMMM. Yes to all of this. When Laura mentioned that her and Brian's wedding was themed around Harry Potter - I knew we needed to find a location that would fit perfectly. 

The cool morning brought gorgeous blue skies that illuminated Bancroft's Castle and Gibbet Hill Farm in the sunny and juicy light. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed every piece of the historic area. Bancroft's Castle was built in 1906 by General William Bancroft. He actually built it for his wife - OMG...I knew this place was perfect but the history just completed the whole story for Laura and Brian's Engagement Session.

I loved that Laura and Brian incorporated so much thought into their session. Handmade signs, Harry Potter T Shirt, Time Turner necklace and of course an awesome book choice. Prisoner of Azkaban

Laura and Brian thank you for being so much fun and I cannot wait for your wedding in November. xxo



Perkins Cove | Oguinquit, Maine | Sabrina & Cory's Coastal Engagement Session | May 13, 2017

I think I may have left my heart in Oguinquit, Maine this past weekend. Yup! Totally captured my soul and spirit. The coastline of Maine is absolutely breathtaking. BUT the little town called Perkins Cove is especially gorgeous. I loved the quaint vibe as soon as I drove into the cove's parking lot AND people are seriously so friendly and inviting. Now I know why Cory proposed to Sabrina here and selected this location for their engagement session. 

Oh this session just brings such a happy smile to my face. Cory and Sabrina have this absolute sweetness between each other and even though the skies were gray and overcast with chance of rain - they made their own sunshine. OH Gulp. Sorry a bit of corny there but you will see what I am talking about as you scroll through my MANY favorites. I may have gone a bit overboard (ha ha no pun intended) and shared way more than usual BUT I just couldn't resist showing you the happy love between Cory and Sabrina. 

As the skies grew darker and we felt drops of rain coming our way - we headed to end our session at Nubble Lighthouse in York Beach. WOW. I could have stayed there for the rest of the evening with these two sweethearts. I loved the pops of color that Spring brought to the grasses surrounding the lighthouse and the rocky ledges of the shore. Put Cory and Sabrina into the scene and you have a beautiful combination. I am so very lucky to know you Cory and Sabrina and cannot wait for your Fall Wedding this year. Thank you for being so full of laughter, adventure and sweetness!! xxoo

Quabbin Reservoir | Ware, Massachusetts | Ashley & Mike Engagement Session | April 29, 2017

Oh how I could not wait for this day. Not only because it was my First Engagement Session of the season but because I just love Ashley and her family. This was my first time meeting Mike and I can now see why Ashley is so happy  - Like All The Time! I loved that they brought their little boy Daniel to share their session day and "Danny" won my heart over too...He has the sweetest blue eyes I have ever seen.  

The Quabbin Reservoir in Ware, Massachusetts provided a early spring display for us to soak in. We fought some crazy winds at the Windsor Damn and the sun played peek a boo behind the clouds when we visited the Tower. It actually made for a very dramatic and moody session. BUT all I saw was absolute JOY, LOVE and Patience. 

Ashley and Mike I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day this September. Enjoy some of my favorites from your Engagement Session! xxoo

Valley View Farm | Haydenville, MA | European meets Country Styled Shoot | November 9, 2016

Really excited to finally share this creatively talented collaboration Styled Shoot at Valley View Farm in Haydenville, MA. I came across this venue in early fall because I live literally 2 minutes from here and I have visited the farm stand and its gorgeous area for a while. The barn itself has so much history and I loved hearing Sue's story of how it went from a Horse Barn in Hadley to a beautifully orchestrated event space in Haydenville, Massachusetts. When I met with Sue Fortang, one of the owners, I was given a tour of her beautiful venue and knew right away that I needed to get my sweet friend and amazing event coordinator Jackie Martucci of Events by Jackie M up there to see the newly designed wedding venue. When Jackie and I visited - I could literally see the wheels spinning in her head....and then this styled shoot was born!

I cannot begin to say thank you to the talented creatives who helped bring this vision together. BUT first - A Very Big Thank you to Sue and her husband Dave for graciously allowing us to showcase their incredible venue - Valley View Farm.  Brooke of Brooke Ellen Photography who assisted and contributed her rock solid detail shots (seen in some of this blog-so good at those details girl), Stacey of The Tangled Grapevine, assisted by her sister Marcey took her floral design to a whole new level, Kelly Hart and Amber Weinberg of That Girl who worked their magic with beautifying our model Julia Lavigne with hair and makeup, Michaela of Jackson and Connor completed our male model's look to absolute perfection, Michael's Party Rentals provided yet again a fabulous choice of tablescapes, dinner and flat ware, Bridal Heirlooms brought the look all together, as always, Julia and Dale for your awesome modeling skills and LAST and not LEAST - Jackie of Events by Jackie M absolutely brought her "A" Game and styled, coordinated and perfected every aspect of this shoot!

I will end with sharing Jackie's write up on not only her inspiration for the styling but her ability to incorporate the venue's vibe and historic charm. Check it out:

"The inspiration for our European in the Country styled shoot was initially sparked when the photographer, Tiffany Chapman, and I (Jackie Martucci of Events by Jackie M) took a tour of the newest venue in the Pioneer Valley- Valley View Farm.Owner Susan Fortgang has created quite the gem for New England couples seeking the perfect venue. A meticulously restored barn- originally built by local Silk Mill Baron William Skinner as a gift to his daughter- serves as the main reception space. Gorgeous cathedral ceiings and corrugated metal accents complement the post and beam structure,along with a myriad of other thoughtful touches. In planning for this shoot, we wanted to consider the rustic charm of this space, but we also wanted to elevate our idea of rustic by carefully choosing sophisticated and timeless elements. It was important to showcase the wonderful elements that make Valley View such a unique space to tie the knot! So, how did we do it?We created an indoor ceremony space along with 2 unique tablescape concepts and added in some other fun accents! For tablescape number one, Stacey from the Tangled Grapevine drew from inspiration presented by Jackie. We were in love with some hanging floral bouquet s at a recent wedding event held in Italy, and we wanted to bring some of that love here to New England! Hanging bouquets wrapped in paper would serve as a show stopping centerpiece. Hanging florals would allow guests to mingle with each other easily across the stunning handcrafted wooden tables at Valley View. A shimmer white runner adorned the center of the table, dotted with carafes full of fresh flowers, strewn greenery, and golden votives.Gold chargers served as the base for vintage antique china, rimmed in an iridescent blue. Slate blue shimmering napkins hung just over the table edge, flanked by gold flatware. Handmade Italian stemware in varying shades of blue, green, and gold was filled with champagne. Rosemary rings marked each place card. Guests would sit comfortably in wooden crossback chairs, another amazing feature provided by the venue!For tablescape number two, we were feeling a little more “Farmhouse Chic”. Images of dining in a European vineyard setting inspired a stunning three tiered floral stunner of greens and deep reds. Our centerpiece sat atop a runner of floral fabric squares. Mismatched vintage china worked in concert with clean white china. Coupe champagne glasses gave a nod to the modern vintage vibe, along with some simple grey placecards, menus, and sprigs of Thyme. Vintage blue napkins flanked each place setting. To elevate the look, we added silver chiavari chairs. For our indoor ceremony space, Stacey created sensational rings of greens to hang from the beams. Just beyond this space, barn doors open to an endless view of the Pioneer Valley and open sky. Simply stunning! Susan has great accents around the property, including a farmhouse buffet table. We used for a dessert & handkerchief display. Guest handkerchiefs were showcased on a birdcage, sitting atop a wooden crate. Handkerchiefs in varying floral patterns evoked feelings of the French Countryside.Rather than have a traditional wedding cake, we decided to embrace the allure of Farm in the Valley by offering a Cider & Old Fashioned Donut tiered offering. We accented this showcase with famed Italian Ferraro Rocher chocolates.Our bridal model, Julia, donned a Grecian Maggie Sottero stunner. An incredible floral crown, dotted in rich jewel tones, highlighted the perfectly intricate up-do created by Kelly Hart of That Girl… Stylist. Kelly and Amber created a wonderful balance with makeup- giving Julia a perfectly bridal smokey eye, along with a bold berry lip.Our groom model, Dale, worked magic in a fantastically pieced mix of separates from Jackson & Connor. Pants by Michael Kors were paired with a cotton twill shirt from Enzo. The sportcoat- a very special piece- is from a family owned Canadian Company, Jack Victor. Tie was a Jackson & Connor classic and the pocket square came from Edward Armagh.Shoes were by Lloyd. Of course, none of this magic would have been possible without the contributions of our endlessly talented professionals?"


Mill 1 at Open Square Way | Holyoke, MA | Huey & Will's Wedding Celebration | February 4, 2017

Kicking off my 2017 Wedding Season with these two sweethearts at this awesome venue absolutely calls for a blog post! As you might remember I traveled to Oakland, California in November to document Huey and Will's intimate ceremony. Click HERE to see my blog in case you missed it. Fast forward a few months and we are together again but this time we are celebrating with Huey and Will's closest Family and Friends. They chose Mill One at Open Square Way in Holyoke, Massachusetts as their venue to renew their vows and dance the night away. Mill One offers a unique alternative to most traditional venues. Honestly I could have photographed there all day and still not finished exploring the incredible architectural elements Mill One offers. 

Huey and Will chose a quick first look to start their wedding day celebration. I can honestly tell you that these two are SO IN LOVE. Their connection is so intoxicating and complimenting that sitting back and watching them interact you would think they had fallen in love for the first time. It was truly something special to witness.

We then made our way over to Mill Four and Mill Three to finish portraits and join Huey and Will's Family for a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. I have never been a part of this traditional and intimate event and it was really very moving. As the sunset over the city....Huey and Will then renewed their vows with the guidance of Huey's sweet brothers and Will's Father and Sister Lucy.

The party continued back in Mill One and BOY! Did they throw an awesome party! Rob Alberti of Rob Alberti Wedding DJ Services rocked out some grooving tunes, while the attentive staff of Blue Heron Catering served fantastic bites throughout the evening.

I can not say enough about the amazing energy, love and spirit that encompasses Huey and Will's relationship. I feel like I am constantly repeating myself when I talk about my brides and grooms. I am so deeply humbled by the opportunities I get to experience. Their day was filled with sweet traditions, lots of laughter and beautiful, unconditional love.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their very awesome Wedding Celebration!