Mommy and Me Session | Smith College | Northampton, Massachusetts | October 17, 2015

When my friend Andrea asked me to photograph her and her daughter Kiana my heart skipped a beat! They not only have these amazing smiles, they are GORGEOUS! I knew that this "Mommy and Me" session was going to be so fantastic even if the weather was a bit brisk for October.

I have to admit that I have had multiple sessions at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and every time I go there I find something new to discover! I was so excited that Andrea picked this location for their session. She has this unbelievable knowledge of plant life that I envy so much. know what else...She has this quiet, intellectual sweetness that when you are in her presence you feel so special to be there. Her daughter Kiana possesses this same quality, with a combination of goofiness of course! I am honored to be a part of their lives.

After this session was over I reflected on how far I have come since I started this journey.  I am so fortunate to have supportive, beautiful, encouraging friends like Andrea in my life. AND...I could not have done it without my amazing community of family and friends. Thank you Andrea and Kiana for allowing me to document your sweet and special love!



Morning Light and Beautiful HAIR!

Andrea loved the colors of this tree! It was so stunning but not as sweet as their love!

Seriously - the Hair, the Outfits and the Foliage!!! Love!!

UMMM...she is your "mini-me" Andrea!

Such beautiful smiles!

The laughter and silliness between these two was so awesome!

When I asked them to sit "cross-cross applesauce" they immediately started playing a game....OMG...It was adorable!!

Kiana you are so pretty like your momma!

NO Words - Just Stunning!!!


I have seen this face many times on Andrea! Look out are in trouble! Sassy Sweetness

I hardly had to tell them what to do! They just have this sweet bond that only a mom and daughter share!

Two beauties sitting on a swing overlooking the Smith College Campus!

Gorgeous Hair, Leaves and Smiles!

Definitely my favorite!!

Wait - I love this one too!!! 


Another favorite!! Look at those smiles!!! xxoo