Family Session | Abend Family | Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area | Northampton, Massachusetts | October 18, 2015

If you do not know this about me already - I love to hike. I have a great set of friends who are not only Crossfitters but Hikers as well. So when Lauren, aka Crossfitter/Hiker, asked for me to photograph her family at Fitzgerald Lake I was so thrilled. It is one of the prettiest areas in Northampton to hike and enjoy beautiful views. And boy was it on fire. The area was all a glow with oranges, reds and amazing dramatic clouds. I had to take a deep breath and not get caught up in it all. I could have stayed there all afternoon photographing this sweet family of four!

During our session I felt that this family had more than just a bond, they had a spiritual connection to one another. Sebastian and Maitreya love to goof around as brothers do, but at the same time they seem like they genuinely love one another. I strongly believe that when siblings are close in age they are each other's best friends. And Sebastian and Maitreya definitely are. Sebastian is ever so quiet and patient with Maitreya and I so adored that trait. Maitreya had this constant happiness and joy that just made you feel like a kid again.  Obviously these boys have inherited their amazing personalities from their parents, Lauren and Eric. Witnessing Eric's love for Lauren was so genuine and present. He would look at her with such tenderness that I felt like was intruding in their Lauren has the biggest heart I have ever met. Such a wonderful family and I was so humbled being able to document them.

Thank you Lauren, Eric, Sebastian and Maitreya for allowing me to photography your beautiful, fun and happy family! 



Such a cute family!

Brotherly Love!

My favorite of them!

What an amazing mom you are Lauren! And Sebastian! So strong!! 

I did not even ask them to do this! Such an awesome bond between them!

The Handsome Abend Boys!!

These smiles and the foliage - LOVE!

Such a fun family and the foliage was spectacular!

Such a fun family and the foliage was spectacular!

The views and this family - it was so perfect!

The views and this family - it was so perfect!

UHHH...Lauren you are absolutely gorgeous!

Sweetest Love between these two!! AHHHHHH.....

The afternoon light and little help from my reflector and it was just perfect!

I love these two photos...Honestly it was in a blink of an eye between the two shots! Love it!

And I love to have fun on my go ahead throw the leaves at me...and Eric was teaching the boys how to walk together in unison. It was precious.

Can you tell which photo is mine? What I admired the most is the fact that Sebastian, who at 13, loves photography as much as me. He kept his camera in the car during our session but I let him take a few photos with my camera (while I held it with him) and he has this natural eye for beauty. He even published photos as note cards and is selling them at our local bakery/coffee shop. Yes an entrepreneur in the making. HMMMM...why didn't I think of that? :)