Forest Park Engagement | Facely & Milton

They met in 8th grade. But seriously - you could not tell that they had shared a love for so long. Their love was so fun and fresh that I felt like I was photographing teenagers again. I loved getting to know them as we walked around Forest Park's Carriage House area and Aquatic Gardens. In the 14 years I have lived in Western Massachusetts I had never been to this park.  It had so many locations to photograph that I felt a bit on sensory overload. 

It was Facely and Milton's first visit to Forest Park in Springfield, Massachusetts as well which made this engagement session that much more of an adventure. My goal every session is for my clients to have fun and be themselves and I honestly did not even have to try with these two.  They were so gosh darn sweet and FUN!  

As I got to know them during our session I realized that one - Milton knows how to make Facely smile and two - that Facely absolutely adores Milton.  When I asked how wedding planning was going Milton replied "I have realized it is all about the girl and its her day". Facely - You have a keeper for sure!!

Facely and Milton - I am beyond excited for your wedding in July.  You have such a beautiful love!! Thank you for being so amazing to work with!!