Provincetown, Massachusetts | My First Whale Watch & Mom's Birthday

I really wanted to share my recent experience of going on my first whale watch while celebrating my mother's 70th birthday!  What a beautiful day it was! The skies were so blue and the temperature for the day was just right. 

My mom has lived on Cape Cod for over 20 years and has never been on a whale watch. Totally can scratch that off her bucket list!  My sister Jess, my brother James and I knew it would be a great way to spend her 70th birthday. She seemed a bit anxious getting on the boat but once she saw her first whale we were pretty sure this was her best birthday ever!  

We couldn't have picked a more perfect day for the Whale Watch out of Provincetown. My sister Jessica, her daughter Molly and I had never been on a whale watch either, so to say the least it was an amazing experience. We saw 17 Humpback whales, an Atlantic Dolphin and a Fin Whale. Wow. I am no National Geographic photographer and the anticipation of when the whales would come to the surface was beyond challenging. I was able to capture their beauty the way I saw it and totally encourage everyone to do this at least once in their lives. These whales are absolutely majestic to watch and you will walk away from the experience having a new found outlook on how beautiful our earth and oceans are. 

Provincetown Harbor is so breathtaking! 

My oldest niece Molly was patiently waiting for our boat ride to begin.

A view leaving shore....

Our first whale of the day was right outside the harbor and so close near shore. A Fin Whale....

Our first sights of Humpback Whales in their own habitat...It was amazing!

They came so close to the boats and just seemed to love the attention.

They traveled in packs of two or five. The smaller one here is the little baby and he loved to show off.

At one point an Atlantic Dolphin joined them in their feeding...But look how close the baby came to us....So cool!

I love this shot of my Mom and my brother Jim watching the whales....

I felt like they were posing for me....

My MOM so happy!!

My MOM so happy!!

What a perfect ending to the day! My niece Sophie helped my mom blow out her birthday candles!