No worries....Jackie's got this!

I have learned so much over the short time in this industry and one thing that sticks out in my mind is COMMUNITY. Being a part of a circle of talented creatives is not only rewarding but humbling. When I first met Jackie from Events by JackieM, almost a year ago, I realized that she not only had SPUNK but gosh she was talented. This girl is the bomb when it comes to Event Planning. Not just any event planner, but one that will end up being your best friend for the rest of your life because she will make your wedding day a dream.

How does No Stress, No Worries, Everything Taken Care Of AND you can enjoy the most special day of your life sound?

Dreamy? Perfect? Oh Yes! Jackie's GOT THIS!

I had the pleasure of working alongside this talented creative this past year while second shooting an amazing wedding for a fellow photographer at Quonquont in Whately, Massachusetts.  Jackie has this way of making everyone around her feel like they are in a cradle of comfort. Like an invisible HUG! She not only had a SMILE on her face ALL... DAY...LONG.... BUT was everywhere every minute of the day. I swear she had rockets in her shoes. There was not a moment that went by that she wasn't helping someone or making sure everything was PERFECT!

One of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is organizing the day. From the rental equipment to the baker to the florist. Jackie has SO got this. She is the Milk to your Cookie. I will honestly tell you that hiring a professional wedding planner to manage the stress for you is one of the best investments you will make. Well besides hiring an amazing wedding photographer (hint hint). Head on over to Jackie's page and contact her for a FREE proposal and Initial Consultation.   

Here are a few photos of a recent portrait session I had with Jackie in Narragansett, Rhode Island. They display not only a beautiful woman but a creative soul.