A Day in the Life Session | Pompei-Axt Family | Northampton, MA


One of the most rewarding experiences of my journey as a photographer is being able to meet so many amazing families and couples. When Jesse inquired about having a Family Portrait Session we talked for almost an hour. I felt like she was a long lost friend and knew that I needed to give her and her family an extra special session. As I learned more about what she was looking for to document her family I realized that her family were perfect candidates for a "Day in the Life Session". Not many people are familiar with this type of photography and to me I believe it should be something EVERY family should do. Being able to be a part of a family's lives for a few hours or even the whole day is such a humbling experience. Being able to use my photographs to tell their story is a memory they will have forever.

When I arrived at Jesse and MIchael's home on a Sunday morning I was greeted by their dog Penny. Who definitely felt I needed to give her all of the attention. The heck with the rest of the family. She needed LOVE...I was then welcomed into the Pompei's Family kitchen where everyone was sitting down at the hub of their home having a yummy breakfast of pancakes.. The smell of maple syrup and coffee made my senses tingle and my nerves immediately subside.

As Jesse, Michael, Elyse and Sophie enjoyed their remaining breakfast I began to document and melt into their surroundings. I had advised them prior to pretend I was invisible and to go about their morning routine as if I wasn't there. The moments and interactions between all of them as the hours went by were fun, loving, sincere and tranquil. I wanted to sit down and draw with Elyse, color with Sophie, listen to Jesse read aloud and feel the laughter that Michael raised in his daughters hearts.

I am deeply honored to share a glimpse into their lives for a day that I will never forget. Sending a huge thank you to one of the sweetest families I have ever met.