East Mountain Country Club, Westfield, Massachusetts | Jennifer & Dave's Wedding | June 4, 2016

I am going to be honest...this was a first for me. Almost like a first date...when you get butterflies in your tummy and sweaty palms. You see I had never met Jen and Dave prior to their wedding day but WOW...as soon as I did...my nerves immediately subsided. Two Beautiful Souls.....Who are so busy that they hardly get to spend time together. Through our conversations via email and phone I learned that they are both in their first year residency as doctors in Boston. So their wedding day was more than special it was a day to soak each other in.  

It is almost too exciting for me to even put in words the most enduring look that Dave had for Jen as she walked down the aisle at the Christ the King Church. Anyone could see the LOVE that they had for each other. And for me....that is what it is all about! Witnessing their sweet love throughout the day was so humbling and brought a smile to my face constantly. I especially loved how Jen's face lit up like fireworks whenever she was in Dave's arms. 

The reception was hosted and held at Jen's family's venue, East Mountain Country Club. Mark and Tess, Jen's Parent's, went above and beyond to make sure that each guest, including my team and I, were well taken care of. I can honestly say I felt like family by the end of the evening. From the toasts from Jen's sister Kate (wish she was my sister-lol) and Dave's brother, RJ ....to the boogying on the dance floor you could just feel the electricity of love surrounding Jen and Dave.

Jen and Dave, I hope you enjoy a brief look into your wedding day and I cannot wait to share more with you soon.  Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! 



P.S.So thankful to my second shooter, Brooke Azevedo of Brooke Ellen Photography.

Big Kudos to the vendors involved:

Bride's Dress: In White

Makeup Artist: Kelly Hart of That Girl

Hair Salon: The Lift Salon

Cake: Pete's Sweets

Florist:  Flowers by Webster

DJ: Luis Dancing Machine

Venue/Catering: East Mountain Country Club