Personal Blog Post | Why You Should Hire a Professional | Our Wedding Day | January 16, 2017

Three weeks from today the hubby and I will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary! Yowza! I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday! Well most of it....It was -4 degrees, I was four months pregnant and we were really young! Our wedding day was pretty much planned and paid for by our parents. We were currently living in Washington, DC and because both of our families were scattered throughout New England we decided to celebrate in Massachusetts. Our choice of venues, decorations, catering, music was all out of our hands since we were living so far away and UMMM...the internet was not as robust and hello I don't think we had a cellphone either.... BUT farthest from our minds was hiring a professional wedding photographer. Oh how I regret this one important decision. 

Our day was beautiful despite the cold weather. My dress was bought by my step mom from a consignment shop for $100. We had NO money to pay for anything and were very dependent upon our family.  My sister was my maid of honor, she wore an old prom dress and Bill had his brother and his two best friends as his groomsmen. Our ceremony was held in a Lutheran Church in Easthampton and the pastor called me "Timothy" instead of "Tiffany" like 3 times during our ceremony. I tripped up the stairs to the altar after balling my eyes out before walking down the aisle. Darn hormones. AHHH...Memories...Our wedding reception was held at the American Legion in Easthampton and I will have to admit that Bill's family did an amazing job decorating a venue that was well...under construction and not really apt for a wedding.  All that really mattered was that we were surrounded by our family and friends. 

As I sit and reminisce about that day all I can say is it was filled with love. Love from our families who took every step possible to make sure our day was special. Love from our friends who celebrated and did the "chicken dance". OH God Yes! LOL...How much times have changed from then but not really. There is still the traditional fun dance party songs and I do believe we did the "LocoMotion" too! I will have to admit that being a wedding photographer over the last few years has made me realize how extremely important it is to document the special moments of a couples day. From the in between moments, to the First Look to the Family Portraits. I love having the honor of being that person that documents life long memories that they will be able to look back at 5, 10-even 50 years from then.

Oh point for this blog...Why I feel it is important to hire a professional wedding photographer for your most special moments! Do all that you can to make it happen. Unfortunately, our wedding photographer was not a wedding photographer. Sweet as he was, he was a relative of my husband's family and really had no experience in taking portraits, let alone a whole wedding. Sorry and Thank You Uncle Bob (yes that his name)  There are so many moments that I wish were captured but I can't turn back time. All I can do is encourage future wedding clients, family and friends to not make the mistake we did. Not because I am a wedding photographer but because I can honestly tell you that your wedding day photos are your memories. Sure we have them in our memory bank but to have that tangible item in your hand to reflect on is truly priceless. You put them in frames, hang them on walls, and you put them in treasured albums to remind you of that special day you shared with your soul mate, families and friends. They are your story.  This is WHY I love photographing weddings. I am deeply humbled to do what I do. While for me I may not have many photos from our wedding day BUT the ones I do have remind me that I married my best friend on a cold winter day surrounded by love.

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