How long have you been doing photography? I have been taking photographs ever since my first child was born over 23 years ago. I started getting serious about photography three years ago when a friend asked me to photograph their friend's wedding. I immediately fell in love with the honor of photographing someones special day. These are memories that they will have forever and being able to deliver lifetime memories is so humbling.

What do you like the most about photography? The people I get to meet. I love to talk and I could be considered a Chatty Cathy. I want my clients to have fun during my sessions and weddings. Most people feel uncomfortable and awkward when being photographed and I promise to keep you relaxed and smiling.

What is your favorite  color? Just had to throw this in here. BLUE!!

Are you a CAT or a Dog lover? Well considering I have THREE cats....I am a cat lover. BUT I love dogs too - especially when my clients include them in their portrait session or even on their wedding day! If you can get your cat out there....I am all for it!

What is your favorite part of a wedding? Definitely when a couple chooses to do a "First Look". It is the most intimate and sweet moment to witness. I highly encourage couples to elect to do this prior to their ceremony. It allows them to take in each other and inhale the love they have.

If we want to schedule a session with you. How does it work? Please contact me through my contact link on this website. I will receive an email that I return within 24 hours. I totally believe that you should "CLICK" with your photographer and I highly encourage phone calls, Facetime, Skype or "in-person" meeting so you can get to know me more by hearing my voice, seeing my face, etc.

How  long before I receive my images after our session or wedding?  For weddings it can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks but I try to keep within 3 weeks. For sessions I generally deliver within two weeks from your session date

What makes you different than other photographers? I do not consider myself different but I do believe that I am a genuine, fun and caring photographer. I will give you 150% and no less. I enjoy what I do because I put myself in your shoes as the customer. I  guarantee my work and promise that you will be happy and satisfied if you decide to hire me to document your memories.