Smith College Botanical Gardens, Maternity Session | Lauren & Aaron

It began as a beautiful sunny day with a chance of showers and thunderstorms like most summer days do. I was in contact with Lauren all day and watching the weather closely that we even changed our session time. We wanted to make this session happen and we did! Wouldn't you know it that 5 minutes after our session started the wind picked up and the skies grew dark. BUT you wouldn't even know that this was happening when you look at these pictures.

Lauren and Aaron you are by far the most laid back and easy going parents to be I have ever met. When I asked Lauren to stand in the rain or sit on a wet floating dock, she did with no hesitation. Aaron who stood and watched Lauren be in the spotlight a few times would then wipe her face from the rain drops or move her hair off her face when the wind blew it. OMG! These gestures absolutely stilled my heart.  To me I saw what wonderful parents you both will make by witnessing the tenderness and sweet love you shared toward each other. 

So honored and happy to share this quick look into an amazing mom and dad to be!  Lauren and Aaron I cannot wait to meet that precious bundle of joy!! 

Much Love,