Martha-Mary Chapel | Odyssey Boston | Boston, Massachusetts | Kasey & Johnny's Boston Suburbs and Boston Seaport Wedding | October 23, 2016

If there was ever two people on this earth that I would like to be trapped on an deserted island with it would be Kasey and Johnny. You know why? They are absolutely the funnest, happiest and coolest peeps I know. Our paths crossed earlier this year and Kasey and I fast became long lost BFF's. I love when I can connect with people who should have and always will be a part of my life. Kasey has this aura about her that I can't even describe but I can put in to one word: AMAZEBALLS. I can totally see why Johnny fell for this girl. She is so laid back, easy going BUT she knows what she wants. Johnny you definitely swept Kasey off her feet and anyone can see that she absolutely adores you. From the first moment I met you at your engagement session (click here to see it) I knew you had a big heart. No wonder Kasey loves you so much! No I am not kidding. You can so see it whenever you are in their presence. The intense energy of love and admiration they have for each other. AHHH...Amazing...I ADORE You both! 

Their wedding day was filled with Autumn sunshine and brisk temperatures but all you could see on their faces was WARM Summer Sun. Their warmth filled everyones hearts who attended their wedding celebration that day. We began their special day at the Martha Mary Chapel in Sudbury, Massachusetts. This historic chapel is so charming and it holds sentimental feelings for Kasey. Her mother and her sister were both married in this chapel. Score one for you Kasey...Love that you are carrying on beautiful family traditions. As the sun streamed through the iconic glass windows of the chapel, Kasey and Johnny vowed their love for each other in front of family and friends from near and far. The sheer joy and tears present was so intoxicating that I felt like the church was giving us all a great big hug. 

Now not only was it their wedding day but it was also Johnny's birthday. Yes he chose to share his birthday with his one and only TRUE LOVE....Melt my heart. Such a romantic and I can honestly say when I see a groom weep from joy is when I know that he is one good guy! We continued Kasey and Johnny's celebration on the Odyssey Boston for their reception. AND let me tell you .... they know how to throw an awesome dance party on a boat. As we floated through the gorgeous skyline of Boston Harbor Kasey and Johnny enjoyed their first dance that was by far one of the most sweetest and emotional dances I have ever witnessed. If you could not feel their LOVE then you weren't there! For real...It was so beautiful.

My favorite part of getting to know Kasey and Johnny was that they always made me feel like part of their family. This is everything to me. Thank you both deeply for welcoming me into your family and I am so looking forward to many more adventures with you both.

I am beyond honored to share some of my favorites of Kasey and Johnny's beautiful, sweet and amazing wedding day with you all.



I loved that they brought their awesome dog Dino to their Ceremony and posed with them!!! Such a lucky dog!!

Johnny you won the AWARD this year for the BEST DIP Her and KISS Pose!!!

Johnny you won the AWARD this year for the BEST DIP Her and KISS Pose!!!

Kasey you are an ANGEL! You looked so incredibly gorgeous!!

BY FAR the BEST Cake Smash EVER!!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!! Kasey surprised him with his own cake! It was so sweet...I love his expression here!!

kaseyjohn 48.jpg

Bridal Dress Boutique: Vows, Watertown, Massachusetts

Groom and Groom's men attire: Men's Warehouse

Bridesmaid Dress: David's Bridal

Hair: DryBar

Glamour Squad: Jules LoRusso -Beyond Beauty & Lash Lounge (Makeup) and Monica Veal of Beauty Suite Boston (Lashes) 

Venue: Martha Mary Chapel, Odyssey Boston Cruises

Catering: Odyssey Boston Cruises

Bakery: Icing on the Cake

Big Thank you to my Second Photographer: Joline of Joline Cameron Photography