Fort Wetherill & Beavertail State Park | Jamestown, Rhode Island | Kasey & Johnny's Engagement Session | September 11, 2016

You know I need to pinch myself! Honestly this engagement session at Fort Wetherill and Beavertail State Park with Kasey and Johnny was almost out of a dream! The gorgeous weather, epic scenery and the stunning bride and groom to be! It truly was one of most favorite engagement sessions to date!

These two gorgeous people met through mutual friends over two years ago and are getting married next month in the Boston area. When they show up at the session with a box of cupcakes for my birthday I immediately make them to be my new best friends forever!!! So sweet for them to remember me when they have a wedding in less than a month.....Ahh....I just wanted to take in that feeling of absolute and genuine sweetness.  AND this same emotion was something I saw between them during their session. The way Kasey absolutely adores Johnny and the beautiful love they have for each other made for a perfect engagement session. So carefree and easy going! AND I do not want to forget to mention that they share their lives with a special fur baby, Dino. Who was to make an appearance for their engagement session but he chose to stay home and relax in the quiet. He missed out and I cannot wait to meet him on their wedding day! 

We began our session at Fort Wetherill State Park located in the quaint town of Jamestown, Rhode Island. The Fort was once a coastal defense battery and training camp. The history of this incredible structure dates back to the American Revolution. (Click here for more information). Over the years the fort has been a canvas for graffiti artists but that hasn't destroyed the incredible scenic views of Newport Harbor! AND....its a perfect backdrop for a fun engagement session! 

As the sun was setting we drove about 15 minutes to Beavertail State Park to finish up Kasey and Johnny's session. Oh gosh...this place does not disappoint for gorgeous scenery, textures and stunning sunsets! You know that you have an AMAZING couple when they are willing to get "that shot" and they eagerly climb down rocks for it. Sorry Kasey....LOL...You may have not seemed as eager but you rocked that shot!! Pardon the pun...You both are an amazing couple and as I said during our session I am one lucky photographer! Thank you for putting your trust in me! 

I am so excited to share a brief glimpse into Kasey and Johnny's adventures. Words cannot express how incredibly excited I am to be a part of their wedding day!



Special Credit to: Jackie Martucci  

I was so fortunate to have the assistance of my sweet friend and fellow creative Jackie of Events by Jackie M to be my cheerleader, bag holder and behind the scenes photographer. Thank you so much Jackie...

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