Personal Blog Post | My 50+ Favorite Images of 2016 | Tiffany Chapman Photography | December 30, 2016


If I could stop time it would be so I could take a deep breath of this past year! This year was a whirl wind of changes, growing, commemorate, learning, crying, laughing, loving and especially believing that anything was possible. All I had to do was "Hustle". And BOY did I. Phew!  As I was looking back through my year to develop this blog post of My 50 Favorite Images I realized how lucky I am. I had MORE than 50 favorites for sure!  I loved every single moment that I was able to document memories of my beautiful wedding couples, my sweet families and inspiring high school seniors. I was also lucky enough to shoot two styled shoots and assist with two with some pretty talented creatives. Such a fun year for me!

I can't begin to thank the people who stood by me, grew with me, cheered me on and said "you can do this".  Growing a business is not easy but because of them I felt like I could conquer all of my hurdles...Jump Higher....and Keep Hustling...There was so many lessons I learned the hard way...but don't they say thats how you learn to not make those mistakes again and just grow from them? Well I did and sometimes I fell hard but there was always someone there to grab my hand and put me back on my feet. I'm especially grateful to some of the wonderful fellow photographers I worked along side this year who not only inspired me but made me want to be a better photographer. Justin and Mary Marantz of Justin & Mary, Michele of Michele Ashley Photography, Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography, Lynne Graves of Lynne Graves Lifestyle Photography, Brooke Azevedo of Brooke Ellen Photography, Caroline Talbot of Caroline Talbot Photography, Danielle of Salty Raven Photography, Karen Kelly of Karen Kelly Photography, Joline Cameron of Joline Cameron Photography and Oh Gosh I could just keep going on with the list!! You all rock! Most of all I am thankful to my hubby. He assisted me with three weddings and some family sessions this year....Seriously he was like the "mayor". He always knew someone who knew someone. Love you Bill Chapman for always being my rock!

One of the most honoring moments of this year was having clients come back to me for their family photos or getting a wedding referral from a past bridal couple. I know it may not seem like much but for me it is everything. I want to build my business around Laughter, Love and Trust. Show my clients that from the moment they picked me to document their most special moments that I was not only going to be their photographer but I was going to be their lifetime friend. 

This past year I have meet some pretty incredible people who touched my heart and believed in me. I found even more happiness in myself and I was able to live my dreams. For those who know me...I am a bit corny but I am also sincere when I say Thank You for making 2016 one of the best years of my life!  I am totally pumped for 2017 and even more amazing moments that will make it another year to remember!  Enjoy a few of my favorites of 2016...

Happy New Year to You All and Thank You!