Crestview Country Club | Agawam, Massachusetts | Kevin & Nicole's Winter Wedding | December 3, 2016

I am a strong believer that when someone comes into your life....they do for a REASON. I first met Nicole through the organization that she coordinates every year for the Agawam Colleen Committee. Nicole has this bubbly personality that the moment you meet her you feel happy. NO I am not kidding. Her heart is pure gold and after getting to know Kevin I can see why they are a great match. They both have this amazing love connection that I absolutely adored documenting.

Not only are they beautiful souls but they are also expectant parents. They are expecting their first baby in the Spring of 2017 and I can honestly tell you that baby is going to be spoiled rotten. The outpouring of friends and family that Kevin and Nicole had not only as their bridal party but to share in the celebration showed how loved they really are.

From their Sweet First the Best Man speech making everyone cry (sniff..yup even me) the Surprise Gender Reveal...I loved every moment of your day Kevin and Nicole. You both made me feel like family and that just goes to show how wonderful you both are going to be as parents. I am deeply humbled to share a few favorites of your wedding day! AND a huge Thank you for making my last wedding of this season an awesome one!! Enjoy!



kevinnicole2 1.jpg

Dress Designer: Casablanca

Dress Boutique: In White Springfield

Bridal Hair/Makeup: Tres Lounge

Florist: Agawam Flower Shop

Venue: Crestview Country Club

Bridal Cake: Cerratos Pastry Shop

DJ/Entertainment: Nicole of InfiniteEntertainment

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse

Invitations: Jennifer of Lady Bug Craft Works

Jeweler: Steven's Jewelers

Second Photographer: Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography

Lake Merritt |Oakland, California | Huey and Will's Intimate Lakeside Ceremony | November 5, 2017

My journey has taken me to so many beautiful places with gorgeous couples who ask me to share their special love and more importantly document their wedding day. This one "tops" the cake. I will forever cherish this intimate and tender ceremony between Huey and Will. With 6 witnesses, including their sweet puppy Pilar they vowed their love and devotion to each other over looking the beautiful Lake Merritt in Downtown Oakland, California.

As I do with each ceremony, I teared up, but this was different. I was immensely happy for Huey and Will. Huey and I met about four years ago and I was immediately drawn to her amazing energy, infectious smile and awesome humor. To know that she had found her true love and soul mate in Will made it that more special. Will you are an amazing man and I know you will be a wonderful husband to Huey!

Since they are having a larger family ceremony and celebration back on the East Coast in February, I wanted to take full advantage of the gorgeous warm temperatures and that spectacular West Coast Sunshine. We found some really awesome locations for bridal portraits at the Oakland Museum of California! I could have stayed there all day! Huey and Will just seemed to melt into each background with their beautiful sweet and goofy love! We finished our portraits along the walkways of Lake Merritt and just when I thought I couldn't see more beautiful light I found it just getting prettier. Huey and Will you made my job so easy and I am incredibly humbled to document your beautiful devotion to each other not only once but twice. 

From their hand written vows, the sweet glances, the FaceTime of the ceremony to Huey's Will's mom being surprised of the event and Pilar having her own bow tie, it was truly a perfect celebration under the dreamy afternoon Californian Sun.  Enjoy a few of my favorites of Huey and Will's sweet wedding ceremony. I promise their love will warm your heart!



P.S. A big Thank you to my assistant, my bag carrier, FaceTime Documenter - My you!! I could not have done it without you and your support!

Bridal Dress: Anthropologie

Martha-Mary Chapel | Odyssey Boston | Boston, Massachusetts | Kasey & Johnny's Boston Suburbs and Boston Seaport Wedding | October 23, 2016

If there was ever two people on this earth that I would like to be trapped on an deserted island with it would be Kasey and Johnny. You know why? They are absolutely the funnest, happiest and coolest peeps I know. Our paths crossed earlier this year and Kasey and I fast became long lost BFF's. I love when I can connect with people who should have and always will be a part of my life. Kasey has this aura about her that I can't even describe but I can put in to one word: AMAZEBALLS. I can totally see why Johnny fell for this girl. She is so laid back, easy going BUT she knows what she wants. Johnny you definitely swept Kasey off her feet and anyone can see that she absolutely adores you. From the first moment I met you at your engagement session (click here to see it) I knew you had a big heart. No wonder Kasey loves you so much! No I am not kidding. You can so see it whenever you are in their presence. The intense energy of love and admiration they have for each other. AHHH...Amazing...I ADORE You both! 

Their wedding day was filled with Autumn sunshine and brisk temperatures but all you could see on their faces was WARM Summer Sun. Their warmth filled everyones hearts who attended their wedding celebration that day. We began their special day at the Martha Mary Chapel in Sudbury, Massachusetts. This historic chapel is so charming and it holds sentimental feelings for Kasey. Her mother and her sister were both married in this chapel. Score one for you Kasey...Love that you are carrying on beautiful family traditions. As the sun streamed through the iconic glass windows of the chapel, Kasey and Johnny vowed their love for each other in front of family and friends from near and far. The sheer joy and tears present was so intoxicating that I felt like the church was giving us all a great big hug. 

Now not only was it their wedding day but it was also Johnny's birthday. Yes he chose to share his birthday with his one and only TRUE LOVE....Melt my heart. Such a romantic and I can honestly say when I see a groom weep from joy is when I know that he is one good guy! We continued Kasey and Johnny's celebration on the Odyssey Boston for their reception. AND let me tell you .... they know how to throw an awesome dance party on a boat. As we floated through the gorgeous skyline of Boston Harbor Kasey and Johnny enjoyed their first dance that was by far one of the most sweetest and emotional dances I have ever witnessed. If you could not feel their LOVE then you weren't there! For real...It was so beautiful.

My favorite part of getting to know Kasey and Johnny was that they always made me feel like part of their family. This is everything to me. Thank you both deeply for welcoming me into your family and I am so looking forward to many more adventures with you both.

I am beyond honored to share some of my favorites of Kasey and Johnny's beautiful, sweet and amazing wedding day with you all.



I loved that they brought their awesome dog Dino to their Ceremony and posed with them!!! Such a lucky dog!!

Johnny you won the AWARD this year for the BEST DIP Her and KISS Pose!!!

Johnny you won the AWARD this year for the BEST DIP Her and KISS Pose!!!

Kasey you are an ANGEL! You looked so incredibly gorgeous!!

BY FAR the BEST Cake Smash EVER!!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!! Kasey surprised him with his own cake! It was so sweet...I love his expression here!!

kaseyjohn 48.jpg

Bridal Dress Boutique: Vows, Watertown, Massachusetts

Groom and Groom's men attire: Men's Warehouse

Bridesmaid Dress: David's Bridal

Hair: DryBar

Glamour Squad: Jules LoRusso -Beyond Beauty & Lash Lounge (Makeup) and Monica Veal of Beauty Suite Boston (Lashes) 

Venue: Martha Mary Chapel, Odyssey Boston Cruises

Catering: Odyssey Boston Cruises

Bakery: Icing on the Cake

Big Thank you to my Second Photographer: Joline of Joline Cameron Photography

The Ranch Golf Club | Southwick, Massachusetts | Heather & Brendan's Autumn Wedding | October 8, 2016

I have  been waiting for this wedding day of Heather and Brendan since they hired me back in early 2015. was so worth the wait. Oh my heart is so full!  Heather and Brendan have the sweetest and quietest love that I have ever witnessed. What a humbling honor to be able to document their love and celebration.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Heather looked like a Princess in her Enzoani Gown from La-Soie Bridal of Walnut Creek, California. Brendan with his soft sweet smile was dashing as ever in his custom fitted suit that made him look like the next James Bond. Their wedding day was filled with gorgeous colors from the Autumn trees on the property of The Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, Massachusetts and an amazing group of friends and family.

With the chance of rain from Hurricane Matthew we chased the rain drops and dodged flying golf balls for Brendan and Heather's first look. Oh Gosh. I feel like a broken record but this is my favorite part of a wedding day. Watching the intimate emotions and joy of seeing each other prior to their ceremony. Tears, smiles and lots of embraces. Yup. I love it. We then took advantage of the gorgeous grounds of The Ranch Golf Club to grab their portraits. The textures and colors of this area during the Autumn season beautifully completed their love. 

Let me tell you Heather and Brendan's Family and Friends knew how to rock their wedding reception. It was by far one of the most epic dance parties!  I am so thrilled to share a glimpse of Heather and Brendan's sweet and lovely wedding day! 



One of my all time favorite bridal portraits! Heather you are breathtaking!!!

OHHHH So much Love and JOY!!!!!

Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography captured this beautiful portrait!! Thanks Jess! You killed it as usual!!

Loved this part of the night! Brendan's Dad had some moves!

How the heck did I get in these photos you ask? Well one of the groomsmen said "Can I take a picture of you with your camera?" He did pretty great capturing me and his girl!

Venue: The Ranch Golf Club

Bridal Dress: Enzoani Gown

Bridal Boutique: La-Soie Bridal

Makeup Artist: Sarah Victor Beauty

Hair: Gina Pietras

Florist: Dandelions

Bakery: Atkins Farm

DJ: Tony Cortis

Second Shooter: Jessica Marie Photography



Fort Wetherill & Beavertail State Park | Jamestown, Rhode Island | Kasey & Johnny's Engagement Session | September 11, 2016

You know I need to pinch myself! Honestly this engagement session at Fort Wetherill and Beavertail State Park with Kasey and Johnny was almost out of a dream! The gorgeous weather, epic scenery and the stunning bride and groom to be! It truly was one of most favorite engagement sessions to date!

These two gorgeous people met through mutual friends over two years ago and are getting married next month in the Boston area. When they show up at the session with a box of cupcakes for my birthday I immediately make them to be my new best friends forever!!! So sweet for them to remember me when they have a wedding in less than a month.....Ahh....I just wanted to take in that feeling of absolute and genuine sweetness.  AND this same emotion was something I saw between them during their session. The way Kasey absolutely adores Johnny and the beautiful love they have for each other made for a perfect engagement session. So carefree and easy going! AND I do not want to forget to mention that they share their lives with a special fur baby, Dino. Who was to make an appearance for their engagement session but he chose to stay home and relax in the quiet. He missed out and I cannot wait to meet him on their wedding day! 

We began our session at Fort Wetherill State Park located in the quaint town of Jamestown, Rhode Island. The Fort was once a coastal defense battery and training camp. The history of this incredible structure dates back to the American Revolution. (Click here for more information). Over the years the fort has been a canvas for graffiti artists but that hasn't destroyed the incredible scenic views of Newport Harbor! AND....its a perfect backdrop for a fun engagement session! 

As the sun was setting we drove about 15 minutes to Beavertail State Park to finish up Kasey and Johnny's session. Oh gosh...this place does not disappoint for gorgeous scenery, textures and stunning sunsets! You know that you have an AMAZING couple when they are willing to get "that shot" and they eagerly climb down rocks for it. Sorry Kasey....LOL...You may have not seemed as eager but you rocked that shot!! Pardon the pun...You both are an amazing couple and as I said during our session I am one lucky photographer! Thank you for putting your trust in me! 

I am so excited to share a brief glimpse into Kasey and Johnny's adventures. Words cannot express how incredibly excited I am to be a part of their wedding day!



Special Credit to: Jackie Martucci  

I was so fortunate to have the assistance of my sweet friend and fellow creative Jackie of Events by Jackie M to be my cheerleader, bag holder and behind the scenes photographer. Thank you so much Jackie...

Alyson's Orchard | Walpole, New Hampshire | Ayn & Kate's Spectacular Wedding Celebration | August 6, 2016

I am a big believer that when people come into your life - there is a purpose. I met these amazing ladies about 4 years ago when I was a member of Pioneer Valley Crossfit. An incredible community of athletes that you could seriously consider like family. The continued unconditional support and love that I have received from this incredible community will forever be dear to my heart.  I feel so blessed to have people like Ayn and Kate who entrusted me with their special day!

Kate & Ayn's incredible love for not only each other but for their family and friends in their lives made their wedding day absolutely amazing! Everywhere you looked there was a smile, a hug, love and so much laughter that you felt like you knew everyone your entire life. You could just see how much Ayn and Kate's generous hearts had touched each person who attended their wedding celebration. Every detail of their wedding day involved someone from their immediate circle. Whether it was a member of their Crossfit family or their closest family and friends - the outreach of support was so endearing. I have this incredible rush of pride knowing I was part of this day of Love and Happiness but even more humble that I was able to capture the memories of an incredible love celebration.

Alysons's Orchard located in the hills of Walpole, New Hampshire was a perfect venue to host Ayn and Kate's Wedding Day. The accommodations not only on property but slightly off property allowed their family and friends to continue their celebration all weekend. Fran, the event coordinator at Alysons' Orchard, ensured that every detail was in order from the ceremony to the reception. And Jackie from the Inn at Valley Farms hosted graciously the getting ready location and additional sleeping accommodations. Seriously Alysons's Orchard and Inn at Valley Farms have an incredible working relationship and it was obvious that they will do whatever it takes to make a bridal couple happy.

From Ayn arriving to the ceremony location with her "Pants" bridal party on vintage bicycles donated by Valley Bike and Ski Werks to Kate elegantly arriving on a horse-drawn carriage...Words cannot describe the marvelous scene of witnessing Kate & Ayn's love and dedication to each other.  AND when their ceremony officiant starts with a line from the movie the "Princess Bride" ..."Mawage" just know that Ayn and Kate's life together was going to be filled with Love and Laughter. 

It is my incredible honor to show a brief preview into one of the most spectacular wedding celebrations I have ever been a part of. Ayn and Kate your love is one that will be forever and I wish you both a marriage filled with joy, happiness and patience.

Lots of love,


Venue: Alysons' Orchard
Accommodations: Inn at Valley Farms
Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero
Bridal Boutique: Alexandra's Boutique, Fall River, MA
Bridal Attire: Etsy - Cyberoptix, Jackson & Connor
Bridesmaid Attire: Azazie
Pants Attire: Brooks Brothers
Catering: Hardy Foard Catering
Bakery: Gregory's Pastry Shop
Florist: Joan & Melissa Micka
Makeup: Mina Joy of Glow Bridal Makeup
Hair: Rachel Helm of HeadGames
DJ: Justin of Studebaker Hawk
Second Photographer: Andrea of Andrea Lynne Photography
Videographer: Jason Kotoch
Vintage Bikes: Jeff and Laura Hutchinson - Valley Bike and Ski Werks

Quonquont Farm | Whately, Massachusetts | Jenn & Brendan's Wedding | August 5, 2016

When I was first contacted by Jenn and Brendan to photograph their wedding they graciously invited me to their beautifully renovated farm  home. I was greeted by the sweetest rescue pups who definitely have Jenn and Brendan's hearts. I knew right away these were my type of people. Jenn and Brendan are both teachers so I was sure that their wedding day was going to an amazing collaboration of attention to detail and love! And Oh Boy they did not let me down. From the sparkles of Jenn's shoes to the personalized drink mugs....their wedding day was nothing short of fantastic. 

Jenn and Brendan chose to do a First Look but I am going to call theirs a First Talk and Look. I am still laughing at how adorable they were and how uncontrollably talkative they were during their First Look. I loved watching and listening to them like they had not seen each other in weeks. The joy, laughter and conversation they shared was one of my most favorite First Looks to date. AND....the rest of their day continued to embrace their Love and Laughter. OH....But we did have a little distraction take over during our portrait time that led to the "Grasshopper Gate" Incident. I have never witnessed a groom act so gallantly as Brendan. His quick thinking and my second shooter Jess's tweezers helped Brendan remove this hijacker from Jenn's dress underlaying. It was nothing short of a MacGyver move in my opinion. He is a keeper Jenn. That is for sure. 

Quonqouot Farm in Whately, Massachusetts was the perfect setting for Jenn and Brendan's wedding day. The skies were filled with Toy Story Clouds as they vowed and celebrated their love in front of their dearest family and friends. I think my most memorable moment of the day was during their first dance. Jenn and Brendan your intoxicating laughter and admiration for each other was absolutely heart melting.  I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness but I know your wishes have already come true!!

I am so excited to share a brief look into your wedding day and hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and summer break! 



Venue, Ceremony & Location: Quonquont Farm

Floral Design: Florence Village Flower co.

Catering: Seth Mias Catering

Bride's Dress: David's Bridal

Bridesmaid's Attire: JCrew Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Designer's Edge Salon & Spa

Men's Attire: Calvin Klein

DJ: Steve Nagle Mobile DJ Services

Cupcakes/Whoppie Pies: Pancake Sundaes Diner & Bakery

Second Photographer: Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography

JennBrendan 8.jpg

Jenn practically running to her First Look with Brendan....adorable..

Grasshopper Gate in full effect here....Hope this memory makes you laugh now Jenn!

Thank you Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography for this adorable moment before their announcement into their reception.

Seth Mias killing it as always with his creations!

Alexlee House | Greenfield, Massachusetts | Marissa & Peter's Wedding Celebration | July 31, 2016

Marissa and Peter's wedding was a celebration that will leave me smiling for a long time. The way that Peter looked at Marissa and repeated throughout the day "you are my best friend" melted my heart. How each time Marissa looked at Peter - her face light up so bright.  Such a beautiful couple that I was introduced to through Peter's cousin Shoshana, an amazing family client of mine. I am so honored that our paths have crossed and that I was part of so much LOVE and Laughter. 

I started my day with documenting Marissa's entourage of beautiful and strong women. Including her adorable daughter, Makayla. This little strawberry blonde blue eyed sweet pea stole the show. I just loved how she squeezed her eyes shut when giving me the cheese face. BUT let's not forget their sweet son and ring bearer Tyler. Who had the swag going on, the sweetest smile and a kick butt hip hop dance! Go Tyler! 

The venue at Alexlee House in Greenfield, Massachusetts has the most beautiful scenic views and was the perfect backdrop for Peter and Marissa's traditional Jewish ceremony. I will admit this was my first and I fell in love with every aspect. The unity of the two families was beautifully orchestrated. The genuine love and respect that each guest had as they witnessed Peter and Marissa vow their love to each other was so moving. 

I think my favorite part of Peter and Marissa's day was the Hora Traditional Dance. The expressions, the intensity, the absolute joy of watching two people be raised up on chairs to celebrate their unity was so amazing to document. Every part of Marissa & Peter's day could not have been possible without contribution from family, friends and some pretty awesome vendors. Tommy of Marx Enterntaintment, SkyRide Products, Seth Mias Catering, Nuttlemen Florist, Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography and Danielle from the Alexlee House -  you all rock. 

Marissa and Peter I wish you and your adorable family a lifetime of happiness, love and joy! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a fantastic celebration!






Residence Inn by Marriott-Boston Back Bay | Boston, Massachusetts | Kathryn & Tim's Intimate Rooftop Terrace Wedding | July 16, 2016

ktblogwedding 32.jpg

You know when you just click with people that you only first met? Well Kathryn and Tim were just that. I felt like they were life long friends and I was immediately welcomed into their very loving and sweet circle of family and friends. 

Their story began way back in middle school and continued throughout their teenage years and into their college days. A history like that deserves a celebration that is on top of the world. Kathryn and Tim choose a beautiful venue in Boston, Massachusetts that was pretty EPIC. The Rooftop Terrace at the Residence Inn Marriott in Boston's Back Bay area overlooking the famous Fenway Park, home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox, encompassed gorgeous views and created the perfect backdrop for Kathryn and Tim's wedding celebration.

We started our day with one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. The First Look.  Kathryn and Tim's First Look inside Bar Louie's was by far one of my favorite "First Looks".  It was a very HOT day and not having many cool locations available I think they made a great choice.  Have I said that I LOVE FIRST LOOKS?! I love EVERYTHING about them. Setting up the scene, orchestrating the bride and groom and finally their reactions to seeing each other in their bridal attire...Swoon....Tim sat at the bar and ordered a neat whiskey.  Kathryn arrived cool as a cucumber and lightly tapped Tim on the shoulder. Boom! It was seriously the sweetest moment ever! 

From the ceremony... to the celebration on the rooftop terrace you could just feel the LOVE that surrounded Kathryn and Tim. I am deeply thankful to have had the honor of photographing your intimate wedding day Kathryn and Tim. I wish you both the best honeymoon ever and so much love to you both for the rest of your lives.



P.S. I also love BIRD CAGE veils...Kathryn you rocked it!

Special Thanks to all who helped make Kathryn and Tim's day amazing:

Venues: Residence Inn by Marriott, Boston Back Bay, Boston, Massachusetts and Bar Louie's

Events and Catering: BG Events and Catering, especially Denise DeSimone

Bridal Gown: David's Bridal

Photographer Assistant: Bill Chapman





Berkshire East Ski Resort | The Warfield House Inn, Charlemont, MA | Melissa & Jesse's Chasing Tornados Wedding | July 1, 2016

When I first received Melissa and Jesse's inquiry for photographing their wedding in the hills of Charlemont, Massachusetts at Berkshire East Ski Resort I felt like someone should pinch me. Their ceremony would be held on the mountain top of the ski resort and guests could be transported via ski lift or van to the location. Portraits would be taken on the mountain top...UMMMMM....YES...YES....YES....

While young, Melissa and Jesse met because of their families' mutual interests. Their love began to grow as they did. Jesse had always admired Melissa's bright, energetic smile.  Melissa's exact words to me about Jesse were, "You think I am beautiful - wait til you see Jesse".

Well unfortunately Mother Nature was not so accommodating and the forecast for Melissa & Jesse's wedding worsened as the day approached. A Tornado Warning in Western Massachusetts put a little obstacle in their way of being married on a hilltop on Berkshire East in the summer. But you know what....they handled the forecast of events with grace and patience. The staff at The Warfield House Inn quickly relocated their ceremony site from Berkshire East Mountain top to their pavilion located minutes around the corner from Berkshire East. It was a beautiful and scenic location that would shelter the bride, groom and their family and friends from the impending storm.

Under the sparkling lights of the pavilion Melissa and Jesse were surrounded by so much love and the JOY....Wow!  Such a beautiful ceremony of hymn singing and group prayers. I will have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the ceremony was watching Melissa jump for JOY after being announced that her and Jesse were Husband and Wife. No really - she jumped so high and with such enthusiasm that you couldn't help but feel her happiness inside you. 

Thankfully the rain held off following the ceremony and we were able to grab family and bridal portraits. The skies of the potential storm made for some dramatic photos of the beautiful bride and groom. And the location at The Warfield House Inn created the perfect backdrop of Berkshire East Ski Resort to document their love. We quickly ran between rain drops and returned to Berkshire East to attend the reception at The Crazy Horse Bar & Grill. On our way we were held up by a cargo train and of course a perfect photo opportunity arose. It seemed like every obstacle that could be thrown at you Melissa & Jesse was just another testament of your love and how unconditional and strong it really is. 

Melissa and Jesse your love is indestructible! It was my absolute pleasure being a part of your joyful filled wedding day and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! AND a huge THANK YOU to my second shooter Brooke Azevedo of Brooke Ellen Photography who contributed some sweet detail and portrait images to this blog.



Publick House Historic Inn, Sturbridge, MA | Kate & Dave's Happy Wedding | June 5, 2016

I have a smile on my face as I write this blog post on Kate & Dave's Wedding last Sunday at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. They are the most sweetest, happiest and kindest couple! I honestly felt like my best friends were getting married. Lucky for me they were an amazing referral from one of my past bride and grooms, Liz and Mike O'Callahan. Total Bonus! Thank you Liz and Mike from the bottom of my heart. 

The day began early and when I arrived at the Chamberlain House located on the property of the Publick House Historic Inn I was greeted by the biggest smile I have ever seen on a bride! Kate I still think we are kindred souls and I am so glad that our paths have crossed. The moment I met you and Dave at your engagement session in Barre, Massachusetts I just knew our connection was going to be strong.

The glow that radiated Kate's face was so beautiful to witness. Especially so when Dave and her opted for a First Look. Because of the drizzly weather their First Look was held inside the Foyer of the Chamberlain House. I just love the sweet reactions they had of seeing each other. I merely melted into the walls and watched them exchange kisses and sweet words. AHHH.

I will have to admit that throughout the day I felt like I was needing to pinch myself. Almost as if I was in a fairy tale of a dashing Prince and his beautiful Princess. And....Their first dance was by far my most favorite part of their day! No slow dancing for these two. Nope. Just absolute joy, happiness and lots of twirling and dipping! (yeah Dave you are an awesome dipper). 

Kate & Dave - words cannot express the extreme gratitude I feel for you both! You not only made my job easy but also so much fun. You embraced the rain and found your own sunshine within yourselves. I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into your happy wedding day! 



Thank you Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography for these dapper images of Dave getting ready.

When I was about to pack up for the day when I saw this vision. I had tears in my eyes when I captured this sweet moment of Dave's grandparents dancing all by themselves! TRUE LOVE!

Thank you to the following vendors! Especially the Publick House Historic Inn Staff! You all were so amazing to work with! Anthony you rock!

Venue: Publick House Historic Inn

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Beauty Entourage

Bridal & Bridesmaids Gown: David's Bridal

Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Flowers, Cake, Catering: Publick House Historic Inn

DJ: Brian Plouffe of Champagne Toasts

Second Photographer: Jessica Marie Photography



East Mountain Country Club, Westfield, Massachusetts | Jennifer & Dave's Wedding | June 4, 2016

I am going to be honest...this was a first for me. Almost like a first date...when you get butterflies in your tummy and sweaty palms. You see I had never met Jen and Dave prior to their wedding day but soon as I nerves immediately subsided. Two Beautiful Souls.....Who are so busy that they hardly get to spend time together. Through our conversations via email and phone I learned that they are both in their first year residency as doctors in Boston. So their wedding day was more than special it was a day to soak each other in.  

It is almost too exciting for me to even put in words the most enduring look that Dave had for Jen as she walked down the aisle at the Christ the King Church. Anyone could see the LOVE that they had for each other. And for me....that is what it is all about! Witnessing their sweet love throughout the day was so humbling and brought a smile to my face constantly. I especially loved how Jen's face lit up like fireworks whenever she was in Dave's arms. 

The reception was hosted and held at Jen's family's venue, East Mountain Country Club. Mark and Tess, Jen's Parent's, went above and beyond to make sure that each guest, including my team and I, were well taken care of. I can honestly say I felt like family by the end of the evening. From the toasts from Jen's sister Kate (wish she was my sister-lol) and Dave's brother, RJ the boogying on the dance floor you could just feel the electricity of love surrounding Jen and Dave.

Jen and Dave, I hope you enjoy a brief look into your wedding day and I cannot wait to share more with you soon.  Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! 



P.S.So thankful to my second shooter, Brooke Azevedo of Brooke Ellen Photography.

Big Kudos to the vendors involved:

Bride's Dress: In White

Makeup Artist: Kelly Hart of That Girl

Hair Salon: The Lift Salon

Cake: Pete's Sweets

Florist:  Flowers by Webster

DJ: Luis Dancing Machine

Venue/Catering: East Mountain Country Club

Vintage Bridal Styled Shoot | Mill 1 at Open Square | Holyoke, MA | May 12, 2016

You know when you get a vision in your head about something and you eat, sleep and breathe that vision until you can actually make it come alive? Well this Vintage Bridal Styled Shoot was not only my FIRST styled shoot as the Lead Photographer but a vision that came from my Grandmother's Bridal Portrait. She is my "WHY" and bless her soul she left behind a legacy that I want to continue to honor and cherish. She was an artist, a real estate agent, a lover of antiques and one of the toughest ladies I have ever met. She was born in 1919 and was an only child. She lived through the Great Depression, World War II, married my grandfather and bore 5 children. She helped raise my sister and I until we were in our early teens. She was our second momma and after her passing in 2013 I feel like her spirit lives on within my journey. The bridal portraits I have of her not only keep her spirit alive but also inspired me to be better. To reach for the stars...Never Look Back...Jump off the cliff...because someone or something will always catch you!

This sentimental styled shoot was elegantly orchestrated by the sensationally talented Jackie Martucci of Events by Jackie M. It brought tears to my eyes when I walked into Mill 1 at Open Square venue in Holyoke, MA. Jackie had taken my little idea of inspiration from my Grandmother's era and created an amazing setting that not only encompassed our Vintage Bridal vision but honestly I felt transformed in time to the 1940-1950s.

I donated a few of my grandmother's antique dinner china set and I was so thrilled to see it showcased in our shoot. Our gorgeous model for the afternoon, Alice, is one of my September brides to be. When we were coordinating this shoot I immediately thought of her. She has this iconic and timeless look and she LOVES antiques as much as I do that I knew that she was the perfect fit. And OH Gosh! She totally was. Michelle of Michelle Anne Hair Design nailed the hair style we envisioned perfectly and Amber of That Girl brought her full game on and completed the vintage bride with gorgeous makeup artistry. The design skills from Kerry of I do Flowers complimented every aspect of a vintage bride. From the cascading bridal bouquet to the elegant and classy tabletop spread. I loved seeing the Proteus flower in her creations. Our bride wore a soft ivory tea-length wedding dress that was over the top perfection from Pearl Bridal of Holyoke. Her look was all pulled together with one of my favorite accessories - the Bird Cage Veil. Swoon....There is just something about them that has this simple and classy elegance. Seeing Pete's Sweets creations come alive for our wedding cake was breathtaking. They do the most exquisite work and never disappoint. I truly believe the venue at Mill 1 at Open Square was the icing on the cake for our styled shoot. The architecture, ambiance and the LIGHT created an amazing backdrop for our shoot. Lastly, I am always impressed by the variety and decor provided by Michael's Party Rentals. Seriously, they have everything you can think of to compliment your visions. 

I am deeply grateful to the team of vendors and friends who collaborated to make this dream come true. You all went above and beyond to create a fabulous Vintage Bridal Styled Shoot and I cannot wait for the next one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This gorgeous bar located in Mill 1 was designed by the a talented architect, owner John. Absolutely breathtaking! Maggie he is a keeper! Both of you have an amazing location for events!

Mill 1 at Open Square has this amazing stairwell with the most dreamy light  - we just had to photograph our bride having some fun here!

Many Many Thanks to the Talented Team of:

Stylist/Event Coordinator: Jackie of Events by Jackie M

Venue: Mill 1 of Open Square

Bridal Gown/Accessories: Allure from Pearl Bridal

Hair: Michelle of Michelle Anne Hair Design

Makeup: Amber of That Girl

Florist: Kerry of I do Flowers

Bakery: Pete's Sweets

Rentals: Michael's Party Rentals


Montague Retreat Center, Montague, Massachusetts | I Married My Best Friend |Ben & Trina's Wedding | May 7, 2016

If ever there was a time that I witnessed true love and friendship it was at Ben & Trina's Wedding at the Montague Retreat Center in Montague, Massachusetts. It was by far the most funnest, wildest and deeply emotional wedding I have ever photographed. The venue, Montague Retreat Center, located in the hidden hills of Western Massachusetts has the charm of rustic and elegant all wrapped up in to one. It was the perfect location for these two love birds.

Ben and Trina's love story started when two mutual friends brought them together and its been a beautiful romance ever since. They both have this electricity between them that whenever you are in their presence you have an immediate smile on your face and warmth in your heart. As I have said before - their love is INTOXICATING!!!

Under the mist of the ever threatening rain forecast they gathered inside in front of an amazing guest list of Family and Friends to validate their love for each other. Ben's reaction to seeing his bride walk down the isle, their beautifully hand written vows to each other, and the absolute joy on everyone's faces was nothing short of a fairy tale.

It is my pleasure and honor to have been a part of this incredible celebration between two of the sweetest people I know.  Congratulations Ben and Trina! You have the most beautiful love and I wish you both an eternity of happiness and joy!




I joined Trina and her 7 Bridesmaids at the beautifully redesigned Bridal Suite located at the venue. I have never met such a special group of girls who truly adore Trina. The glow on Trina's face was not just from Liz Washer and her amazing talent but the love that surrounded her as she prepared to marry her BEST FRIEND.  

I loved working with the uber talented Liz Washer of Liz Washer Makeup.  Her artistry on Trina was nothing short of amazing! 

I loved working with the uber talented Liz Washer of Liz Washer Makeup.  Her artistry on Trina was nothing short of amazing! 

Ben's Niece and Nephew were the flower girl and ring bearer. OMG...Adorable!

Ben's Niece and Nephew were the flower girl and ring bearer. OMG...Adorable!

I have never seen such a happier bride to be!

Gram seeing her sweet granddaughter for the first time! I even teared up!

HELLLLLLOOOOOO Gorgeous Bride to Be!

HELLLLLLOOOOOO Gorgeous Bride to Be!

One of my favorites right before Trina's dad walked her down the isle!

Thank you to my second shooter, Jessica of Jessica Marie Photography for the getting ready images of Ben and his groomsmen! Ben you are so handsome!